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Brewster Police Department
Brewster, Massachusetts

Richard J. Koch Jr., Chief of Police
Animal Control
Officer Lynda Brogden-Burns

Animal Control is available to assist individuals or groups with any animal related problems or concerns and can be reached at the Police Department at 508-896-7011 ext 358 or by e-mail at

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Animal Emergencies
   If you see an animal in distress call your local Police Department or Animal Control Officer. If you have an emergency with your own pet call your veterinarian. There is a 24 hour, 7 day a week animal emergency center in Dennis, MA: Cape Animal Referral and Emergency Center (CARE) 79 Thoephilus Smith Road South Dennis, MA 508-398-7575

Dog Licenses   Massachusetts law requires all dogs must be licensed within 30 days of moving into town or of the dog becoming 6 months of age. Proof or Rabies vaccination must be presented in order to obtain a license. Brewster Dog Licenses are available at the Town Hall, Clerk’s Office at 2198 Main Street, Brewster, MA (508-896-4506) Dog licenses are also available through the mail. Send your dogs’ current rabies certificate (and spay/neuter certificate if applicable), with the following information: Your name, address and telephone number and the dog’s name, breed, age and color Along with the fee to: Town Clerk 2198 Main Street Brewster, MA 02631 The License period in Brewster is April 1st to March 31st each year. DOGS MUST BE LICENSED EVERY YEAR. Fees: Spayed and Neutered dogs $ 6.00 Un-spayed and Un-neutered dogs $12.00

Rabies Vaccinations   Massachusetts State Law requires all dogs and cats 6 months of age or older be currently vaccinated against rabies. Ferrets must also receive rabies vaccinations. For Rabies Information go to

Dogs on the Beaches   Board of Health regulations prohibit dogs from all beaches in the Town of Brewster between June 1st and October 1st. They are permitted the rest of the year.

Lost Pets  If you have lost a pet in Brewster call the Animal Control Officer at 508-896-7011 ext. 358 and leave your name and number and a description of the animal. Stray animals picked up by the Animal Control Officer in Brewster are held at the Animal Rescue League, 3981 Main St. (Rte 6A), Brewster, MA. (508-255-1030) Stray dogs are held for 10 days by State Law. If the dog is not claimed it is evaluated for possible adoption. There is no official State holding time for stray cats. State Law requires that all dogs wear a current dog license and rabies tag on their collar. It is a good idea to also have an identification tag on your dog with your telephone number. Cats should also wear a collar and identification tag. Microchips are a good, permanent identification for your pet. Ask your veterinarian about microchipping.

Tips for finding a lost pet   Notify local Animal Control Officers Notify local Animal Shelters Notify local Veterinarians Search your neighborhood – look under deck and sheds. If the missing pet is a cat, also look up in trees. Circular flyers Place an ad in local newspapers

Found Pets   If you find a stray dog call your local Police Department or Animal Control Officer. Use caution when approaching a stray dog. If a healthy stray cat is “hanging” around your house do NOT feed it. If the cat continues to stay in the area longer and appears to be losing weight call your local Animal Control Officer. If there is a sick stray cat in your area call your local Animal Control Officer. Use caution when approaching a stray cat.

Unwanted Pets  If you can no longer keep your pet call your local Animal Shelter. Animal Rescue League of Boston  Cape Cod Branch 3981 Main St. (Rte 6A) Brewster, MA. 508-255-1030 DIRECTIONS TO ARL BREWSTER To Brewster from the East (Hyannis/Sagamore Bridge): Follow Rte 6 to Exit 12. At the end of the ramp turn left onto Rte 6A towards Brewster. The Animal Rescue League is approximately half (1/2) a mile on the right. To Brewster from the West (Provincetown): Follow Rte 6 to Exit 12. At the bottom of the ramp turn right onto Rte 6A towards Brewster. The Animal Rescue League is approximately a quarter (1/4) mile on the right. Massachusetts SPCA Cape Cod Branch Falmouth Road  Centerville, MA   508-775-0940 Do NOT leave your animal behind or turn it loose. Abandoning animals is a violation of State Law.

Spay/Neuter Assistance   If you cannot afford to have your pet spayed or neutered there are several programs available to assist you. Contact the animal shelters listed above for more information on their programs.

Cruelty to Animals   If you know, or suspect, an animal of any kind is being abused or neglected call your local Police Department, Animal Control Officer or Animal Shelter/Humane Society.

Humans bitten or scratched by domestic animals  Report all animal bites that break the skin to your local Animal Inspector. In Brewster the Animal Control Officer is also the Animal Inspector for animal bites. If you are bitten by a stray animal try to contain the animal if at all possible so that it can be captured and observed for the 10 day quarantine period.

Humans or domestic pets bitten, scratched or licked by wildlife   When a person or a domestic pet is bitten, scratched or licked by a wild animal it is considered a rabies exposure. The rabies virus is transmitted by the saliva of an infected animal. The wound or site of exposure should be vigorously washed with soap and hot water for at least ten (10) minutes. Medical and/or Veterinary attention should be sought as soon as possible. If at all possible the animal that bit MUST be captured for rabies testing.

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Wildlife   If you see a sick or injured wild animal call your local Animal Control Officer for assistance. Other organizations that can give advice or assistance with wildlife are: Wildcare in Eastham 508-240-2255 Cape Wildlife Center in Barnstable 508-362-0111 Carapace in Brewster 508-896-2464 Animal Rescue League in Brewster 508-255-1030

Wildlife Information   More information on wildlife can be obtained from the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife Bourne 508-759-3406 Boston 617-626-1590

Nuisance Wildlife  The Brewster Police Department/Animal Control Department does not trap healthy wildlife, nor are traps loaned out for this purpose.

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