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Brewster Police Department
Brewster, Massachusetts

Richard J. Koch Jr., Chief of Police

Elder Afffairs programs

Reassurance Program
The Brewster Police Departments Reassurance Program is designed for, but not limited to seniors in the Town of Brewster who live alone or live with an ailing spouse or relative. There are currently sixty-one people in the program ranging from 61-96 years of age. HOW DOES IT WORK? Seniors in the program call the Brewster Police Department before 10:00 am... If a call is not received by 10:00 am, the dispatcher will telephone the residence. If contact is still not made, a police officer is dispatched to the residence. We believe that this program benefits both those who call the station and those who answer the calls. For more information about the Brewster Police Reassurance Program please feel free to contact Dispatcher Deidre Schofield at the Brewster Police Department.

911 Cell Phone Bank
The Brewster Police Department in partnership with the Council on Aging and Fire Department, will collect used cell phones in the community which will be turned over to RMS for re-marketing through the company's 911 Cell Phone Bank program. In return, RMS will provide the Brewster Council on Aging with 911 phones as well as cash to be used for various community projects. Residents who have unused cell phones are encouraged to drop them off at the Fire Department, Police Department, and Council on Aging or Brewster Ladies Library. For more information on 911 cell phone donations at the Brewster Police Department.

Safe Return Program
Safe Return is a nationwide identification, support and registration system operated by the Alzheimer's Association. Locally, the Alzheimer's Association is working in partnership with the Alzheimer's Services of Cape Cod & the Islands. Safe Return provides assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week if a person becomes lost. If a registrant is missing, Safe Return will fax the person’s information and photo to a local law enforcement agency. Because this program is nationwide the information can be sent to any police agency or hospital.

Project Lifesaver
Families with a member who has Alzheimer’s disease face many challenges such as medical treatment, increased financial burdens and the stress of caring for a loved one with a debilitating disease. Adding to the strain is the fact that more than half of people with Alzheimer’s are prone to wander and get lost. If not located quickly, they risk exposure to the elements and could be seriously injured or worse. The Brewster Police Department has joined the Orleans and Eastham Police Departments as participants in Project Lifesaver. The police departments have fielded a new piece of equipment and developed procedures to provide a larger safety net for individuals with Alzheimer’s living in the three communities. The radio band system can be also used for people with autism and Down’s syndrome, particularly if they are young, and children who are deaf. Bracelets are worn by those prone to wandering. In the event this person does wander away from 24/7 care, the tracking equipment can be used to help quickly locate the missing person. For more information on Safe Return or Project Lifesaver, contact Lt. George Bausch, Officer Michael Mei & Officer Joseph Mashrick at the Brewster Police Department or at the Brewster Council on Aging.


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